Women's Executive Coaching

Life can be overwhelming and confusing. This is especially true if you are facing a significant transition, whether it involves your career, leadership development, or anything that impacts the alignment of life and work.

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck, aware that you need to make a critical decision, and move forward, yet you feel unsure of what to do, and how to take action.


What is Executive Breakthrough Coaching?

I help women successfully navigate challenging career transitions to cultivate clarity, confidence and courage.

Executive Breakthrough Coaching is a unique, solution-focused approach that leverages my background as a Registered Nurse, more than 20 years in executive sales leadership, three startup ventures, combined with my experience as a Psychotherapist.

I understand the neuroscience that informs human behavior as well as the motivation and thought patterns that drive it forward. With this specialized knowledge, I help you create a vision for your career and life that is bigger and more rewarding than what you are currently experiencing.

The results you achieve will enable you to live a life that is authentic, happy, fulfilled, and just right for you.

Breakthrough Executive Coaching
Breakthrough Executive Coaching

Finding the Right Kind of Support Isn’t Always Easy

We don’t always have trusted confidantes to turn to. Nor do we receive the best actionable advice from well-intentioned, although often misguided, family, friends, and colleagues. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could finally feel truly alive, joyful, empowered, and fulfilled in your life, doing what you really want to do?

You are a high-achieving, high-impact woman who is experiencing a life transition. You could use some help reclaiming your confidence, rediscovering your creativity, and redefining your purpose so you can feel fully present, motivated, and alive.

Is Breakthrough Executive Coaching Right for You?

Breakthrough Executive Coaching is an International organization that helps women who are seeking greater clarity and want to maximize their personal, professional, and social impact.

Are you ready to overcome the challenges that have prevented you from achieving the success you both dream of and so richly deserve?

Breakthrough Executive Coaching is for you if you are experiencing:

Academic Uncertainty

  • Are you having second thoughts about your chosen academic path?

  • Do you find yourself questioning what you previously felt so certain about?

  • Would you like to fulfill your academic potential?

Career/Leadership Challenges

  • Do you find yourself stuck in your current role?

  • Are you rethinking your career or unsure of how to prepare for a promotion?

  • Do you want to build your leadership impact and lead with authenticity?

Relationship Issues

  • Do you have cultural or childhood issues that have prevented you from attaining the loving, satisfying relationships you crave?

  • Are you experiencing blocks or self-limiting beliefs?

  • Are you contemplating having children? Are your ambivalence and anxiety making it a difficult decision to resolve?

Family Concerns

  • Are you managing a career, simultaneously raising children, and maintaining a household?

  • Are you caring for elderly or infirm parents?

  • Is this transition intimidating, overwhelming?

  • Do you find yourself wondering how you’ll ever manage?

Midlife Indecision

  • Your children are grown and out of the house. Are you wondering what’s next for you?

  • Are you looking to find new meaning in life, and satisfaction your relationship?

  • Is it time to explore and possibly reignite your partnership or marriage?

Personal, Professional, Social Impact

  • You have a lifetime of valuable experience, skills, and wisdom to share.

  • Would you like to contribute your unique talents and gifts to the world in a profound way? 

  • Are you at a loss about how and where to start meaningfully contributing?

Our Process

In working with my clients, they:

  • become crystal clear about what’s working, what’s not working and what’s missing in their lives
  • discover the (hidden) challenges preventing them from balancing their
    career, family, personal, and social lives with their goals

Following every session, clients are able to identify at least one (usually more) action step(s) they can commit to and apply, to start making meaningful changes in their lives immediately, allowing them to move closer to the goals they identified as important and desirable.

Discovery Call

The intention of the Discovery Call is to determine whether coaching can be successful in attaining leadership and/or relationship goals.

First Call

Set expectations and indicate the context of coaching services.

Assessment Phase

Determine the gap between the Client’s current and desired level of performance, and her overall pattern of strengths and developmental areas.

Action Plan Development

The development plan contains 2 or 3 short-term, actionable items to assist the Client in meeting their developmental goals. 


Ongoing observation/analysis of the Client, providing feedback, offering opportunities for her learning and growth, and encouragement to reinforce her motivation.

Review/Evaluation Phase

Reflection on coaching and learning, evaluate against goals/outcomes and whether ample change has taken place.


Working With Robyn

Our individualized, one-on-one coaching sessions will catalyze your transformational change. They will result in greater success, happier relationships, and a more meaningful life.

We will meet by appointment via a secure videoconference platform. This allows us to meet regularly from your home, your office, while you’re away on business, or vacation; from anywhere in the world, without ever interrupting your progress

In our work together, you can expect me to:

  • Give you my complete, undivided attention.

  • Provide a safe, trusting environment, free from any judgment.

  • Ask incisive, thought-provoking questions.

  • Challenge you to reconsider your perspective of yourself, your abilities, your potential, and your worldview.

  • Hold you accountable for your decisions and actions.

  • Collaborate in goal-setting, strategizing, and determining tactical approaches.

  • Help you grow and learn, both personally and professionally.

  • Help you build resilience.

  • Always be truthful and honest with you.

  • Be LGBTQ+ affirming.  

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